Training and seminar rooms available for rental in singapore


Impossible Marketing has acquired additional offices as part of our expansion plan to suit our needs for a location to conduct training and event hosting. The space will be rented out while we’re not using it.
The International Plaza’s levels 29 and 36 are where you can find our training facility.

The address is 10 Anson Road, #29-06 and #36-05A, International Plaza, Singapore 079903.
A quick summary of our training room rental:

  • Our training facility is at International Plaza, which is conveniently situated in Tanjong Pagar. By car, bus, and MRT (Tanjong Pagar MRT station), it is conveniently reachable.
  • Sheltered pathway – The training room is accessible from the area directly above Tanjong Pagar MRT station, rain or shine.
  • Parking is no longer an issue because International Plaza has plenty of parking spots available.
  • Free high-speed internet (Starhub 250 Mbps, Singtel 100 Mbps) – As an online marketing firm, we understand the value of having quick and dependable wifi. Note that #36-05A has WiFi from both Starhub and Singtel. We only have StarHub wifi at 250 mbps accessible for #29-06.
  • Our training room is accessible at all times. You can also hire from us if your event will last overnight. • Our air conditioners are on all the time in the room. Even if the central air conditioning isn’t working after business hours, we can still power our air conditioning for your event.
  • Available amenities include projectors, markers, flip charts, whiteboards, pens, and paper in our training room rental.
  • High ceiling (3.5m) – Our training room at #36-05A has a 3.5m ceiling height (the typical room ceiling is about 2.5m). The room will appear larger because of the high ceilings.
  • Back of the room entrance/exit – As a training provider, we are aware of the value of having the entrance/exit in the back of the space. The remaining attendees will experience less disruption and distraction if any participants are running late or urgently need to leave.
  • Cold and hot water dispensers are available for you and your attendees, respectively.
  • New training facility – We have a brand-new training facility at #29-06. June 2018 marks the completion of the refurbishment.
  • Renovated recently – In January 2018, we touched up the painting in the training room at 36-05A. Yes, everything does seem fresh.
  • Even though we just refurbished and outfitted our training area with brand-new equipment, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of malfunction. Because of this, we have backup tools like a projector, speaker, and even internet (just for #36-05A since we have two wifi connections: Starhub at 250 mbps and Singtel at 100 mbps).
  • Free set-up and take-down time – We are aware that you need time to prepare for your event and to set up and take down. As a result, we are offering 15 minutes of free setup and cleanup time!
  • There are restrooms nearby, and they are conveniently situated outside the training room.
  • A lot of restaurants – International Plaza is home to a lot of restaurants. At Tanjong Pagar MRT, there is a covered walkway where you can access McDonald’s, Hans, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and a variety of other Japanese, Chinese, and Korean restaurants.


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